Clerical spheres of influence


My apologies if this is buried in another thread somewhere, and I failed to notice it.

I was looking over the playtest seems to me that the Clerics may have restricted spell lists depending on their deity. Perhaps a more tightly-controlled version of 2e's "spheres" or perhaps a more tightly-controlled playtest. :)

I kinda like it. Much harder to have a CoDzilla when your spell choices are restricted to a few per level. I'm not sure how it fits in with the whole "flexible clerics" thing, as in trading for stealth or whatever.

Anyway...could be nothing.

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Yes. This has been mentioned in passing before, but I don't think a thread has been made about it.

Will be interesting to see what spell-selection is like for Clerics when we get some char gen rules.


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It looks like a combination of 2e spheres and 3e domains, which I agree is a good thing.

Especially (but not only) if they keep spontaneous casting for clerics.

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The designers have mentioned that their current approach to domains is getting pretty close to spheres, but we have no idea how that'll work yet.

I hope and suspect that a first level cleric knows more spells than the playtest ones have prepared though. Otherwhise they're just divine sorcerers and the part about preparing spells at all would be superflous.

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