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Cloudbreaker Alliance brings together Final Fantasy and Star Trek in an RPG about discovery, cooperation and cowboy orcs.

Launching on Kickstarter Tuesday, August 1, 2023.

Cloudbreaker Alliance (CBA) is an anime-inspired fantasy RPG that fuses elements of Eastern and Western media, creating an immersive gameplay experience reminiscent of popular franchises such as “Final Fantasy,” “Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure,” “Star Trek,” and “Discworld.”
Cloud Wall

The game is set in a world fragmented by towering monster-infested cloud walls. After suffering two millennia of monster incursions, a section of the wall mysteriously collapsed, allowing long-isolated civilizations to join forces against their monstrous foes.

Players will take on the role of cloudbreakers who are tasked to break the cloud walls and befriend newly discovered people, such as the humans who had just emerged from their caves.


CBA’s extensive player options allow you to play as a cowboy orc who performs trickshots with ki blasts, a samurai angel who transforms into a magical girl or other unique combinations. Combat abilities are modularly separated into the domain of classes and equipments, so there is no need to sacrifice roleplay for combat effectiveness.

There are up to 256 levels of growth possible in 32 classes. Each class only provides a handful of unique features and players may have only 2 classes active at a time. But all the possible class combinations vastly expand the play option.

One of the game’s most unique aspects is the Spirit Token system. Each player character will accumulate Spirit Tokens in combat, which can be spent to unleash powerful abilities called Spirit Bursts. Harnessing the power of friendship, players may also share their tokens with each other and collaboratively unleash the right burst at critical moments.

In this game, playing smart trumps damage dealing. Instead of slogging through enemy hitpoints, players can use the right skills or toolkits to neutralise enemies and instantly remove them from combat. Rather than wiping out enemies, players can also gain strategic victory by depleting the enemy's morale tokens, causing them to rout.

Another important mode of play is the escape situation. In this high-tension non-combat situation players take turns over a set number of rounds to outrun a potentially lethal epic trap. They have to coordinate and potentially rearrange their turns to capitalize on each others’ specialties to neutralise the hazards preventing their escape. An alternate form of the escape situation is the chase situation.


Designed with accessibility in mind, the rules of CBA are easy to learn and complexity is graduated through levels. Players only need a pair of six-sided dice (2d6) to play, with the option of using tokens to enhance the experience. To make learning the system even easier, animated tutorials will follow the release of the digital book.

A monster conversion chart for 5e monsters will also be provided, so players who own 5e supplements can reuse materials they already own.

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