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CMG has a new offering called "30 Things Can Happen!"

It's a system-free Medieval Fantasy sourcebook with thirty tables of random Medieval Fantasy events and findings in urban, rural, and underground locations. Each thirty entry table is divided into three ten entry categories, some with additional sub-options, making for nearly one thousand random results including the fun and fantastical. Use these pages to help flesh out locations during prep or to perk up a flagging game session. This invaluable resource is system-free and ready to help with any fantasy roleplaying game.

Please have a closer look and see if this can be useful to your gaming.

30 Things Can Happen - Creative Mountain Games | RPGNow.com


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Zephrin the Lost

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Great stuff! I love material of this sort and almost always enjoy the strange directions a 'normal' day can take when the PC's become invested in a 'normal' event. Great work!


Mark CMG

Creative Mountain Games
And I should mention that the early bird 25% is still going for now, so everyone should grab it right away. :)

Great stuff! I love material of this sort and almost always enjoy the strange directions a 'normal' day can take when the PC's become invested in a 'normal' event. Great work!

Thanks, again! :) Yeah, normal is for checkers. :D

I like to make sure that settings and sessions are lively with events and happenings that keep characters on their toes and keep players immersed in the world being presented. It's great when some small event becomes something bigger. It's also good to have lots of little things that simply are what they are so that the important events aren't always immediately obvious but loom even larger once the spotlight is on them. Fleshing out a world with extra details helps in many, many ways.


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I posted a shorter review on drivethru, but here is an expanded write up I did that I thought I would share here:

This is the kind of product I love, tables that help me add elements to
my games I would never think of on my own. Plus the author chose a nice
selection of "open" art that almost always fits the section of tables it
is inserted into, and the others are at least close. If you like to
present opportunities to role play you will really like these tables,
because most of these descriptions can drag an inquiring mind into a
role play encounter that could be ran serious or even humorous. They can
also easily turn into hooks for an off the cuff adventure scenario, or
do some pre planning to turn them into planted hooks. If you love using
tables to help inspire you, break those mental blocks, or to take even
you as the GM in directions you don't know where they go, this is a PDF
for you. Plus it gives your D30 purpose! Or if you don't own a D30 you
can use the D6 and D10 method, which is made even easier because each
Table is broken down into 3 sub tables of 10 items each. So roll the D6
to determine which of the 3 sub tables, then the D10 to get the specific
result. I really feel you can't go wrong with this if you like using
tables in the first place, and if you have never used tables before,
this has a great chance of turning you into a fan of such products.

I'll even make rolls from the product itself to illustrate how helpful
it can be. Each section is also broken down into 10 tables, so I will
use the D6/D10 method, since everyone should have those. I roll a 7, so
that is the section for a Castle or Keep, which is on page 9. I roll a
1, getting the first table, then a 5, getting "The castle cook is
inspecting some foodstuffs brought to the castle from town." Now how can
I use that? First thing that comes to my mind is to make him unhappy
with some kind of discovery. Like something is rotten, or missing, or
the wrong items. So Have him say, "The scoundrel cheated me! The squash
are all pitted!" Then see if the players decide to take an interest, and
if they do I can keep it a simple role play encounter, and just have him
complain about all the challenges his position throws at him. I can also
use it to throw in a potential adventure hook, like teaching the
scoundrel a lesson, and to not cheat the castle's lord. Which could be
as simple as threatening him, or being asked to give him a beating. If
the party is of higher level have the bad item be an expensive food,
like a rare fish, or something like caviar, and escalate the "pay back",
things like that.

Another roll. I will do it in the next section. Which is "While in the
Country", so country side scenarios. I roll a 7, giving me a festival! I
then roll a 6, giving me the third table. Then a 2, giving me "A drunken
fellow is unsuccessfully attempting to tap the wrong end of a keg." I
can leave it at that as a simple "Flavor" element, or I also see an
opportunity to add a humorous moment to my game, by having a leak
result, covering the drunk in wine or ale. I could also add in a
potential adventure element by having the keg owner desperately needing
a replacement for the now ruined keg. The higher the level of the party,
the more valuable I make the contents of the keg. Maybe even leading
them to run down and arrest a drunk who is sober enough to realize he
will be thrown into the stocks or prison and run for it.

Lets do another roll. This will be from the last section of tables, for
Underground situations. I roll a 7 again."near a Stream". Page 29. I
roll a 3, giving me the second table. I then roll a 9, giving me, "A
leaky boat nearby may be the only way to cross without swimming." So now
they can attempt to cross, if they wish, and if they do so I can have
them make a simple check to keep up with the leak while doing so. If
they fail, they end up swimming and dealing with wet gear and supplies.
Or drowning if they do not have the ability to swim, especially with
heavy armors on.

So like I said, tables like these can really take you into directions
you probably would not come up with on your own, especially "spur of the
moment". I really like how they can take my tired mind and energize it
with the potential challenges of adding depth to these rolls if the
party becomes interested in reacting to them. Hopefully it will do the
same for you.
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Mark CMG

Creative Mountain Games
I'm glad to say we've had three very good reviews thus far (THANKS!) and also I thank everyone who has taken the time to check out and consider purchasing "30 Things," keeping it in the top five all week long! :)

Mark CMG

Creative Mountain Games
Thanks again for the great reviews and the wonderful feedback coming in on "30 Things Can Happen!" I wanted to add this YouTube review to this thread to make sure everyone sees it -

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U1UI3PyjA3s]30 Things Can Happen Gaming Book Review - YouTube[/ame]

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