Collected Core Handbook Errata

I didn't see this in the complied thread and my apologies if this isn't even a mistake but here goes:

The rogue class features include "When you wield a shuriken, your weapon damage die increases by one size. When you wield a dagger, you gain a +1 bonus to attack rolls."

Page 270 of the PHB states you can WIELD two weapons but only attack with one of them. ( This is not in contention.)

However you could by the way these are worded, wield a shuriken in your offhand, and a bastard sword in your on hand, attack with your bastard sword, and the weapon damage die of your bastard sword would go up. I think it's an absurd reading of the rules, but there are people who do not and so I guess it should be clarified.

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Oompa said:
as clarified before in other threads..

wielding is using.. so what you say cannot be done :)

What if you have the two weapon fighting feat and use a dagger in the off hand, does that count as using a dagger? On the one hand, I could see it working fluffwise: Your expert handling of the dagger enables you to distract the enemy or counter their defenses more fluently than if you had used any other weapon, allowing you to slip your rapier into them with greater ease. But is that mechanically sound?


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If i am right, you can hold an weapon in both hands, attack with one of the hands and use an power associated with that weapon..

So an rogue can hold an long sword and dagger and attack in round 1 with the longsword, using powers that can be used with an longsword.. and in round 2 he could make an attack with the dagger, using powers for an dagger.. and only the ranger can make two attacks in one round, and some fighter powers i thought..


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This may already have been posted, but there is no cost listing for pints of oil despite the existence of lanterns and empty flasks and oil being mentioned in the lighting table.


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Hey folks,

It came to my attention today after reviewing the issues here that some people are posting problems based on use of the pdf and not the actual books. Aside from being illegal, this pdf is outdated and has many issues that were corrected in the final version of the books. For the sake of other players, please do not post a problem unless you can verify that it exists in the book.



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The issue about fighter and Wis is not clear, the problem is :

All fighters rely on S. Fighters also need C, D, or W, depending on which weapon they favor.

No *weapon* powers are based on W in the PHB.

(I know that Pit Fighters benefit of Wis for number of OA)

Fate Lawson

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The Effect description for Spiritual Weapon on PHB page 65 currently reads as:

Effect: You conjure a weapon that appears in the target's square and attacks. Your allies gain combat advantage against the target. You can move the weapon up to 10 squares to another enemy's square as a move action. The weapon lasts until the end of your next turn.

I believe , for the sake of clarity, the third sentence should be changed to:

You can move the weapon up to 10 squares to another enemy's square, within range, as a move action.

In addition, strictly for the sake of layout consistency, for the revised printing, under Mordenkainen's Sword on PHB page 163, the Effect listing should be moved down to follow the Hit listing.
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Wizard Spell Preparation Errata

Hi all,

I'm thinking it would be good to list among these errata the clarification to wizard spell preparation (PHB p. 158) posted in this thread - the one that states, basically, that wizards can't prep all their high-level spells at once, but must keep roughly to the power-level distribution of other characters' daily or utility powers.

(Hmm...a few nice new tweaks to the VBulletin UI in the years since I last dusted off my account and posted here...musta been an upgrade or two, or at least some feature tuning by the mods... :))

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