D&D 5E Collecting the various "effects" in the game.


For some people house rules I am considering, I need to collect the various effects in the game that a creature can be exposed to. This is meant to be a high level summary. For example:

1) Take damage
2) Take a standard condition (aka one in the condition lists).
3) Forced Shift (like a telekinetic blast moving you around, or reverse gravity).
4) Forced Movement (you are forced to move yourself, aka by a fear effect or command, etc).
5) Teleported
6) Banished
7) Take ongoing damage


Any help on this list would be appreciated.

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Not sure what's in or out of bounds (does equipment loss and Attunement count?) but...

Restricted movement (e.g. caltrops)
Slowed (the spell)
Possession or Domination (any form of "Charmed plus")

Baldur's Gate 3 codified a lot of conditions, which can be found on a fan wiki. The only one that comes to mind immediately is that the name Bone Chilled is used to refer to the inability to heal inflicted by Chill Touch and other effects.

Voidrunner's Codex

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