Columbus OH Pathfinder DM/GM Looking for Players for Table Top Game Group

Rodger P K

DM / GM looking for Players
For November 2023 and following: Looking for Pathfinder Players for an at home table-top game. I am a longtime DM (over 10 years) and Player. Mostly, I ran a D&D 3.0-3.5 Ed game, but I have also played Pathfinder 1st Edition which is just the same as D & D 3.5, with about 4 or 5 improvements. My plan is to start the campaign within about 2-3 weeks, as soon as I get a total of 3 players, while we look for additional players. We will play Pathfinder 1st Edition, unless I get most players looking for Pathfinder 2.0. I do have extra Pathfinder 1.0 Books for reference. Campaign style is rather fast pace & Combat heavy, but there will always be the other aspects of role-playing (about 50/50 to 75/25 Combat / Non-Violent interaction). Exact ratio depends upon the players.

We are planning to play on Sundays starting about 12 Noon, unless there is demand for Monday afternoons. We will play about 3 weeks out of 4 (or 4 out of 5). We already have players, and a lead on 1 or 2 more, but I need 1 or 2 more to get the game going. I am hoping for a game group of from 4 to 6 steady players. We play on the East side of Columbus, OH, with easy access to I-270.

This will be a table-top campaign, with us sitting around a large game table. We use a mat-grid, miniatures, wargame terrain, and structures to accentuate the feel of the game and to guide us with line-of-sight considerations, and to help players see strategies for the combat scenes.

If you reply to this forum posting, I will give you a means to contact me.

Thanks & Best Regards, Rodger
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Hey! Live in Columbus as well...been playing D&D is some form for the past 20+ years, specifically love Pathfinder 1 and 2. Happy to chat more here (private message?) Or discord.

Rodger P K

DM / GM looking for Players
One Sunday player never materialized. The other can start playing on Saturdays a week from this Saturday. Plus, I found another player who can play either day. Are you available now to play on Saturdays (or Sundays once soccer season is over)?

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