Starfinder Combat Maneuver Blues


Hi all,

I'm about to begin DMing Starfinder after 41 years of D&D, Traveller and other games. One thing I'm kind-of bummed out about is that PCs and NPCs have little to no incentive to use combat maneuvers since they are DC KAC+8 to succeed. Even with Advanced Combat Maneuver, it is still DC KAC+4.

What do you all think would happen if I changed the rules here. I have two possible changes.

1) If a PC/NPC has Improved Combat Maneuver, the +8 is negated.


2) Use EAC rather than KAC since most combat maneuvers are really not about kinetic more about touch.

Let me know your thoughts about either of these two options. I think making it easier to do these maneuvers would make combats more dynamic and encourage more use of interesting tactics.

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