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PF1E Comedy + Pregens + To Slay a Dragon + Starting tomorrow? Help!


Cute but dangerous
Group 7 1/4 is done with Way of the Wicked tonight, and the players (5) did a vote (under the influence) as to what we'll be doing the next 2 days and after. Each of them voted for something to be added to the campaign, and I was unsober enough to agree.

So the first 2 choices were sticking with PF and with published adventures. The next wanted a lot of comedy this time around to offset the just finished evil campaign. The next wanted pregens so they could be surprised by what they have to play. And then the rookie grins and hands me To Slay a Dragon - which I haven't read yet as I didn't have it until just now.

I see myself unable to come up with 5 really cool funny PCs until tomorrow morning. I can probably whip out something but there is hope - any of you ever wanted to create a comedy PC for a serious-intended campaign in PF? There is hope... I hope.

All PF stuff including 3rds party is legal here, we will be setting this in a custom world.

Off to play in a spontaneous Star Wars game which will probably turn out as silly...

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Cute but dangerous
That could work, although we have two very serious gnome players :)

Thalain is so nice to whip up a party - all of them non-humans, too. This is going to be crazy... again ;)



1-All Goblin party(10 point buy). The Grustniff Goblins are kicked out of the Greenway and told to kill that damn dragon or else! Run the entire adventure unaltered but with the party having to deal with slay happy humans ect along with everything else. Also institute the Goblin rule #351 If you Die on the adventure your backup gets sent in! Must be a different class.

2-Make them play themselves (25 point buy) forced into the world of D&D by a crazy carnival ride and you are The Dungeon Master here to help them on their journey to find a way home. Hand out one rather stupidly powerful artifact per person that really doesn't work out that well when used.Don't forget to throw Venture the evil demon wizard and at least worshipers of Tiamat at them from time to time.The portal home is in the dragons lair.

3-Make all the characters have the personalities of superheroes and villains. You are a monk who grew up a privileged kid in the CITY with rich happy parents until they were brutally slain in front of you. Now after years of practice and a somewhat obsessive training you have honed your body into a crime stopping machine. You hunt the villains at night and so you are not recognized wear a mask that looks vaguely bat like. Quote "I am the Night"

4-Make half of them chaotic Evil,make half of them lawful good.They are all from the same loving family(The Smuckatellies) and they all have one thing in common. They would never hurt a family member. Have Ma and Pa show up from time to time (Ma is CE and Pa is LG) with trouble that has erupted in the family leading to the next part of the adventure.
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Cute but dangerous
I'm sure going to use #1 (again) and #4 in the future. Already setting up a #2 scenario which is not so easy to do in D&D stats!

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