comic pdfs---this may or may not be possible...


So, I am looking to try to read comicbooks via tablet these days. I was hoping to get some of the older comic book collections in a form which I could tote around with me.

I do NOT want the comixology or subscription, it is more something that is compatible with what I already have on my tablet (without having to download yet another app or anything else).

I did a quick look for one of the sets I was looking for (Batman - Knightfall, Knight Rise, Prodigy, etc) and found it off of DC's official website or it looked like it. The price was listed as 29.99 and as available, but didn't list anyway to actually buy it (I couldn't even find a button to push).

I want something that is readable (such as a PDF format) on my tablet that uses programs/apps I already have on it. Marvel had a whole slew of these, but I'm looking more for DC properties now (Batman, Superman).

There are two Marvel properties I am interested in reading if they were available though (GI Joe and Transformers) as I have heard that the comicbooks were actually very interesting to read (I've never read them, didn't have an interest in that when they were coming out).

Is this a dead end for me or are there options to do this?

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I have gotten a bunch of PDFs of comics in collections from, but those are time limited and specific collections.

For Marvel and DC and Dark Horse comics I have gotten a few from Amazon for kindle.

Drivethru Comics I know at one point had the G.I. Joe and Transformers comics from one company, I remember they had a big sale on them at the end of their license.


I read comics pretty much exclusively on my tablet but if you aren't willing to use Comixoloxy (and I don't blame you since the recent changes) or the DC app I think you are out of luck when it comes to DC titles.

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