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Kickstarter Coming soon - Condition chips for 5th Edition!

Chris Leigh

Hey guys!

I'm in the final stages of planning a Kickstarter for condition tokens (think poker chips) for 5th edition. As well as having a great tactile feel, they help characters remember the conditions they're suffering as well as the rules! They've come out pretty cool and I wanted to share!

The link for info is here:

Now for pics!


Let me know what you think!!

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I would prefer to have a token like this to hand the player or place in the character sheet and another something to place on the mini rather than under it. In the picture above, the poisoned chip would be handed to the player and it is great to have the rules on the back. Another purple ring would just dangle off the mini for visual sake. Also might be better with large figures that would hide the chip.

Right now we use soda bottle rings, but something like this would work fine as well. There does not tend to be that many conditions going around each encounter that I need a lot of colors as most players and DM can see a blue ring and remember what the effect is even if in another encounter that blue ring is another condition. My table also uses red rings for a 'bloodied' condition similar to 4e so maybe a few blank tokens/rings would be good as a stretch goal. Also not sure if some conditions need more with some spells hitting multiple targets and such.

Chris Leigh

This is a great idea! I'm going to reach out to my manufacturer and see if I can get some rings that match the outer colour of each chip! Thanks for your contribution! :)