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Commentary thread in that “Describe your game in five words” thread.

To explain why I dropped sunday TOR for Tunnels and Trolls... TOR 2E broke the balance. When low-experience parties can curbstomp a full on Barrow Wight...

Tunnels and Trolls I can run with trivial levels of prep. Especially given the internet and the number of available free dungeon maps.

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What game? What adventure? Sometimes I’m in the mood for super detailed room crawling.
Clearly I've been off the site for a while. I was running I Smell A Rat for the DFRPG game I have in a FLGS. It was initially intended as a one shot demo back in mid May. I had enough people ask if I was running the next week that agreed to do so. This Monday will be the second week we don't play since then. (I've got a job interview that starts after I would normally leave to get set up.)

(Wed T2K) Doc loses arm. Trouble found!

T's character, Bernard LaRousse, MD, got jumped by locals... he just barely got critted... and joked, "it's be ironic if I lost the arm. Mind if I roll?"
"Sure," says I.
He rolls the d10 for the crit... 10... location arm, since he'd parried (but not enough)... and a 10 shows up. Which is, in fact, "Arm Severed."
He then runs for the others, while trying to stabilize himself.... and he botched the medical, but was close enough to get tot he team, who stabilized him, and then the intel Capitane Pascal (AdT) manages to clean and close the remaining arm, under his direction. (THe muggers motivation was violence, not his stuff, but they took his stuff for S&Gs anyway...

Wed T2K: Misused Artillery. Random Encounter rearming.

Friday: Game cancelled; host's puppy arrived.

I want to know about this one!
Presuming the artillery...
I let them have a 155 after taking it away from those who used it against them. And 2 laser guided munitions.
They applied those to a local jail which has been taken over by the KGB for use as a POW camp. Since the Arty hit but the laser guidance went awry (double 1's), it scattered.... they tried again, dropped one gun tower.

Their next action was to aim for an ammo dump affiliated with the mobile arty from last week's (in character) Operation Reset.
En route, they had a random encounter with a roadside shop. Random roll came up positive for 155mm ammo.... which they traded some AK74 and ammo for. Plus 17 rations worth of veggies.

As for the puppy? Friday dune on hold until hosting player can work out situation with roommate.

Level Up!

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