Community drop down menu missing Level up under forums. Intentional?

Greg K


Is Level Up missing from forums under the Community drop down menu an oversight? Normally, I access the forums through the forum sidebar on the main page. However, last night, I used the community dropdown menu on the main page to access the forums and could not find Level Up. As a result, I went searching through the 5e and EN Publishing forums for Level up posts and tags without any luck. This morning, I went through a similar search. I had a response message to a Level Up post that I made and accessed Level Up by clicking on the response. A little later, after browsing some subforums, I tried returning to the Level Up forum using the Community dropdown menu with not luck. By chance, I went back to the forum list in the main page sidebar and there was the level up forum link.

Also, this morning, I noticed that the Community dropdown menu was missing on the meta page (It does show while I type this post, but if I open a new tab and go to the Meta forum it is missing again), I think I saw the dropdown menu missing on one other pager as well.

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Well, that was fun
Staff member
Ah, yeah, it has to be added manually and it looks like I didn't do that! I'll doit when I get a spare minute.

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