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[Community] The Sanctuary West Marches with Custom System.


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World of Sanctuary

Our server is focused on build and running games in our collaborative world!

Every member of the server can submit their own creations which get added to the world for DMs to use in their One-Shots and Campaigns.

Server and Economy

Economy of the server (world) has been developed for over a year, which allowed us to create a very stable system for use of your resources that you gain from games.

Players can own Properties in the world and upgrade them to gain in-game benefits.

Free-Form Fantasy System

Our server uses a custom TTRPG system which has been in development for over 2 years (1 year on the server itself). It has currently reached its stable 2.0 version.

3F System is built for people who love to tweak their builds and have a very unique PCs in terms of “Class”. System boasts over 400 Abilities (not counting spells) with near infinite number of possibilities for builds. System also uses a custom combat system, which in a sense is similar to D&D, but focuses heavily on strategy allowing players to perform actions at any point during a combat.

If you love World Building and you always can’t decide what class to play, this is a server for you!

Join now!
Join the World of Sanctuary Discord Server!
Join the World of Sanctuary Discord Server!

You can also visit our website!
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