D&D 5E Companies you hope will be able to make 5e content


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we all know that other game companies can do darn tootin good work. Damn good work. Some of you have some favorites out there, i just know it in my bones. I still come across stuff that I want to buy from the 3.x era. Say like that King Arthure supplement I haven't picked up yet.

Im going to be cheesy and say I want Paizo to be able to do some 5.x stuff.


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What I hope is that 5e will work well enough with past editions that companies don't have to.
LEt's hope not, because at that point, it';s not an actual new system but the "flashback" episode and we all hate those episodes.

I hope rite publishing and super genius do work with them. I am hoping Paizo does too, but I just don't see it. Paizo drank from the coolaid once.


I'd be happy if WOTC finally did adventures consistently well enough to where I wouldn't feel the need to look at other publishers.

However, it's been 15 years now since they purchased TSR? I'm not really hopeful that WOTC will figure it out ;)

Frog God/Necromancer. Maybe Goodman. Paizo. I'm a module/adventure buyer-I don't get much into all the splats, settings, and rule expansions that were prominent during the 3E/D20 Glut (and I hope we never see a abundance of garbage like that again)


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I hope any company that wants to is able to.

Definitely this.

Beyond that, at the specific level, I would like Margaret Weis Productions to return to D&D. I, like many others, want Dragonlance back in "official" D&D. I, like many others, accept that a large segment (possibly even the majority) are uninterested (and against) direct support for the setting from Wizards.

So give it back to the company that does care for it, and let them keep it alive for the segment of us who want to adventure in that world.

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