COMPETITION: Design an Epic Monster

Hiya mate! :)

Alzrius said:
I want to give a really big YES! to this idea, but my one worry is that it'd take quite a long time for you to get the illustrations done (to a point you find satisfactory), U_K.

Otherwise, I'm all for this.

Thats my worry as well. I just haven't been able to get into the swing of 'easy' illustrations. By that I mean the ability to sit down and draw something in my head in about 1-2 hours (which is all it should really take). Each illustration is still taking me 8-10 hours (though thats including prep).

I dunno. Maybe I'll just quick sketch the monsters (give myself maybe 1 hour to do each) and see what the heck I can come up with?

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Howdy Sykyrys dude! :)

Sykyrys said:
Any chance of getting a excerpt from this vampire bestiary on your website?

I know I have been dragging my heels on the previews (mainly because the book is not yet finished).

I suspect I'll be working on the text right up until this weekend. Then a period of editing (at least one week).

I should have the art done well enough by the end of the editing period. I really want to add as much art as possible, rather than as little as possible.

Once thats done I'll get previews online as soon as possible. So you'll have a preview before its onsale. Definately sometime this month. Even with my tardiness I think I can guarantee that...looks over at Alzrius squirming and thinking to himself "Don't give them a date you madman!" :eek:

I'm kinda interested in both the 4E and 3E aspects of the vampire templates I keep hearing about. Perhaps there is one you're fond of that you don't mind introducing to us as a teaser.

I don't think 4E really has the same need of templates as 3E, so I certainly don't think that side of things will be the best aspect of the Vampire Bestiary (4E at least).

Good luck to those people wanting to do the 3E gonna need a lot o' templates guys. :D

I remember the teasers being the biggest reason I became interested in the Epic Bestiary in the first place. Imagine my surprise (after lukewarm epic campaigns) when I came across the AMILICTLI (Immortality) online.

It changed my perspective on epic gaming forever.

Wow. Well its a humbling and sobering thought.

Currently I'm playing a multiclass 60 HD Abashakt (demon) that has the paragon and pseudonatural templates (the former he was born with as part of his background the latter he obtained as a story award when he was abducted by far realm divinities and subjected to experimentation).

Additionally he has the lich, mummified creature, and vampire templates as a result of various divine abilities and being an unarmed combat specialist has traded in all four artifacts. This doesn't technically break the rules since "by the book" you can't obtain an undead template if you already have one...but... says nothing about obtaining multiple templates simultaneously. And of course there was that section in "Slayer's Guide to Undead" about hybrid undead that I loved so much.

You definately like your templates.

What about tainted Vampire-Werewolves, deadly Demon-Vampires...and even Vampire-Demons (yes they are different!), twisted Vampire Intelligences from the Far Realm, vexing Chrono-Vampires and tons more.

Theres a vampire for everyone in the Vampire Bestiary...its a book with a lot of bite*.

*Or should that be crunch? :cool:

Anyway, I'm babbling, but you get the point I'm sure. The Epic Bestiary made "Epic (yay)." *waves little white flag* more "EPIC!!! (WE ROCK!!!)" *flexes imaginary nutronium powered muscles*

Now I'm bringing 'teh' epic to 4E. :D

Its maybe a little more subdued than the 3E Epic Bestiary: Volume One because I have sort of capped it for Legendary Tier games (primarily because rules only exist up to 30th at the moment). But I think its a much better campaign book, you can basically pick any level between 1-40 and say I want my PCs to fight 'Vampires' at Level 17...what have ya' got....and the book will give you an answer.

Any thoughts on this?

My opinion: only if it doesn't delay the Bestiary further. Including them would be great, but they don't need art. (IMO if they have a good text description illustrations are just gravy, not actually necessary.)

I'm impatient to get the Bestiary ;)

If you are going to include all those illustrations can you make an un-illustrated version so we can get it this month ;)


First Post
If you are going to include all those illustrations can you make an un-illustrated version so we can get it this month ;)

I second this notion. Anything to shorten the length of time it takes to put the rules out there for us to fiddle with. Your art is excellent, but you worry entirely too much about it.

You can always update the downloadable PDFs once you get the art finished, allowing us to enjoy the monstrosities you've created. I think it would almost be unanimous that people here want the pie more than the topping.


The EN World kitten
I hate to mention, well, anything that would increase the time necessary to make this happen...but would you like me to take a look at any of these entries for editing, U_K?

I mention this because, to my knowledge, no other editing will have taken place before they're added to the book (notwithstanding whatever the original writers did), and from what you've said, you don't remember the intricacies of 3.5 very well.


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Can't remember if my Titan of Oblivion got in or not, but if it did, it's been heavily revised since the contest. I think I might have posted it (the new version) here, not sure.

Hey there! :)

paradox42 said:
Or just a few templates with highly flexible powersets. Never underestimate the power of flexibility when properly used!

Thinking about it, 5-6 would probably work. Trying to factor all the variant stuff might be a pain though...then again PCs may not want to go the variant route they are usually the less intrinsically humanoid.

Axolotl said:


...with maybe a slight nod to RIFTS. :cool:

I would echo Sykyrys saying you certainly helped redefine epic in my mind.

Appreciate the love guys. :eek:

Also you shouldn't be so down on you're art, it's much more interesting to look at than most I see in other RPG books.

Well don't get me wrong, dollar for dollar at the price I'm paying myself for the art its probably some of the best in the business. :p


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