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WotBS Confused about Lee's Letter (4e version)


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Hey all.
I'm a bit confused about the info that's in the letter the players can find after defeating Lee at the end of chapter 3.
I've mostly read through chapter 5 (which I think this is setting up, but i may have missed some things)
I understand that Pilus is Lee's master, and Lee's plan will help remove seaquen as a threat to his airship (and not a ragesian plan as the players assume).
But I have questions about the rest:

1) Who is Cai? Is is Caela?
2) 'The new password to enter the mount is Eshu' - Which mount is this referring to? If this is referring to the monastry, would Caela let the players in when she greets them at the gate? Or will this alert to her that the players have defeated Lee and gained this password from him?
3) The creations and climate I assume are referring to the biomanced creations the might come across in the Valley of Storms.

If anyone can help me with the info that this letter is trying to set up.

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Yeah, this part was added for the 4e version. I guess it was an attempt to create an early hook and provide some preliminary informations for adventure 5.

I took the additional info dump for players in #3 with a grain of salt. If your players tend to be the more oblivious type, then adding them can help them navigate (i.e. that the Rags are behind the witches' creation of the tideraver's tears or that Kat might be a spy). If they tend to get every little clue, then adding them will only cement their suspicions in a way that everything shady will become obvious.

(Been there, done that. One of my players gets and understands clues to an extend that he sometimes predicts major events before they happen. Don't dump too many clues on such players if you want a situation to be vague or you'll be screwed.)

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