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DMs Guild Contested Combat Guide

Let's face it - we all love a good melee, but sometimes it's hard as a martial character to watch spellcasters smiting people with blindness and conjuring walls of flame from thin air while you stand by playing tag with a battle axe. If you can relate, check out my new release at DMs Guild – The Contested Combat Guide: https://www.dmsguild.com/product/328112/Contested-Combat-Guide

Within the Contested Combat Guide, you’ll find rules and mechanics for contested combat – a collection of fighting styles and abilities that go beyond simple tactics of strike and counter-strike to dominate your foes speed for speed and brawn for brawn. Discover new ways to spice up your single combat strategies and battlefield control like a boss with two Archetypes for Fighter, a Monastic Tradition for Monk, and an array of feats and magic and mundane items that let everyone to get in on in the fun.

Are you not entertained?

Contested Combat Guide.png

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