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5E Contracts of the Nefarious Kind


So I am looking to run a haunted manor type game for my group as a Halloween celebration type of thing. The idea or goal is that the group will hopefully be driven into the manor to seek shelter from a pretty nasty storm. They will find it empty and abandoned for who knows how long, with everything in place as if the old owners just left without grabbing anything. When they awake, all windows and doors will be gone and they will find it full of ghosts, one of whom will tell them that they are trapped here like the rest for all eternity. That is, unless they can find the deed to the house and either destroy it or claim the house as their own. The deed will allow the players to move the house to where ever they want (one time only) if they sign the deed. The thing is, I want the deed to curse who ever signs it.

So long story short, I know my group will try to sense magic, or the paladin will try to see if he can tell if the deed is evil. Now I want to stick with the rules, so I am curious if in D&D RAW would a cursed deed give off anything a wizard or paladin could pick up on?
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Halloween Horror For 5E