D&D 4E Coolest or fun D&D4ed powers

What are the most cool, flavourful or fun D&d4ed powers?

IMHo final confrontation the 20°level power for frenzied berserk barbarian paragon path is a good example of a cool and thematic power

After the attack, you can allow the target to make a melee basic attack against you as a free action. If the target makes that attack, you can make a melee basic attack against it as a free action. You can repeat this effect until the target chooses not to make the attack.
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I always liked the level 5 daily rogue power 'Bat Aside', which one of my players just LOVED to have his halfling rogue unleash. The narrative was invariably hilarious.


Yeah, I would vote for come and get it. I also like the ways powers in 4e combine, for eg come and get it in action is combined with an area of attack spell once the enemies are bunched up.

Disruptive strike is a pretty cool ranger power which is pretty cool and useful way to prevent incoming attacks.

The wizard spell arcane gate has been incredibly useful in circumventing terrain in combats such as chasms, rivers etc

Ooze Incarnate

Your body and items turn to caustic jelly as you slide through a throng of foes.

Daily Acid, Arcane, Implement, Polymorph
Standard Action Personal

Effect: You shift your speed, including through squares occupied by enemies. Until the end of your next turn, you can squeeze without penalties to your attack rolls or speed.

Targets: Creatures whose spaces you shift through

Attack: Constitution vs. Reflex

Hit: 3d8 + Constitution modifier acid damage, and you push the target 1 square.

Miss: You push the target 1 square.

This was another really amusing one, from Dragon 375. Straight out of Ghost Busters! lol.

Bonus, you can do a pretty nice amount of damage with this, escape from some fairly nasty situations, and the push could prove to be pretty handy as well. Its kind of a Swiss Army Knife power. Maybe not sky blue, but not at all shabby for something with such an amusing fluff.


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Love it or hate it, Come And Get It is iconic and character-defining for a Fighter.

Nothing better than combining polearm master, polearm momentum, mark of storms and rushing cleats with that beauty of a power. Flavor it as you becoming and storm of lightning and wind for bonus cool points. Expanded range, expanded sliding, knocking them prone. Mmmm.

Make sure you set up your rain of steel/unyeilding avalanche before for some nice autodamage.

Tony Vargas

Love it or hate it, Come And Get It is iconic and character-defining for a Fighter.
Come & Get It was a great power, very genre-appropriate, and strong support for the Fighter's role as Defender. The fighter could've used another 40 powers that creative & effective.

Other cool/interesting Fighter powers: Footwork Lure (slide enemy), Reaping Strike (DoaM), Cleave (hardly unique, it was in 3e), Grappling Strike & Tide of Iron. And those are just the at-wills. Oh, and Threatening Rush. Beyond the basics: Bash & Pinion, Covering Attack, Comeback Strike, C&GI of course, Warrior's Urging, Spinning Sweep, Thicket of Blades, Reaper's Stance, Shield Bash, Pass Forward, Rain of Steel, Slamming Rush, and Crushing Foot (no, really). ;) While the 4e fighter had a lot of powers, with two Martial Power supplements and several dragon articles adding to them, it didn't have the most varied (really, so many of them were some combination of shifting & attacking) range of powers - fighter powers just seemed particularly memorable/interesting in contrast to what had come before, which, prior to 3e, was, well, weapon specialization.

Of course, one thing about 4e was that there were so many powers, and each class had it's own list, and they were all on the AEDU schedule, so both were fairly balanced against eachother & couldn't be spammed. (OK several things.) So, you didn't have a few obvious-best (or outright broken) powers overshadowing all the rest. When you did have an obvious-best power, it crowded out 1 level of 1 class, maybe half a dozen inferior powers faded into obscurity. So even if you've played for years, played a campaign to Epic, and seen a lot of characters played, there'll still be lots of powers that aren't familiar that might pop up at the table the next time you played.
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Tony Vargas

More in no particular order, and avoiding the many good powers that were already well-established as spells in prior eds:

Mantle of Glory, Astral Condemnation, Visions of Avarice, Mirror Sphere, Arms of Hadar, Thunderwave (of course, it even made it into 5e, might as well add Healing Word to the list), Fire Shroud, Dire Radiance, Infernal Moon Curse, Creeping Vines, Claws of the Eagle, Blood Pulse, Solar Wrath, The One Sword, Buffeting Wave, Stone Panoply, Windfury Assault, Wind Step, Elemental Escalation, King's Castle, Bait & Switch, Handspring Assault, Close Quarters, Blinding Barrage, Crucial Advice, Weave Through the Frey, Eye for an Eye, Evade Ambush, Divine Mettle, Valiant Strike, True Nemesis, Thundering Armor... and a bunch more that were cool at the time, but the /names/ didn't stick with me. ;)

And, of course, I can't leave out the Warlord: Commander's Strike, Wolf Pack Tactics, Fearless Rescue, Inevitable Wave, Lead the Attack, No Gambit is Wasted, Hold that Thought, Powerful Warning, Join the Crowd, Hammer & Anvil, Pillar to Post, Surprise Attack, Death from Two Sides, Lamb to the Slaughter, Help or Hinder, Band of Fellows, Heart of the Titan, Own the Battlefield, Warlord's Recovery, Vigilant Commander, Pincer Shot, Forbidden Ground, Bolt of Genius (technically Battle Captain), Pull out the Stops, and, of course, Inspiring Word.
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Climactic Chord, a Bard Utility, is simply amazing. It let's everyone get a whack in with big bonuses to hit and damage, and since it's a minor action, you get an attack too. It's pretty much the "all out attack" from Persona games. Our party has only 4 members so it's not quite as deadly as it could be, but still. It's got a lot of room for those fun superhero/anime type team up type scenarios where you can attribute the bonuses to various forms of working together.
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