Cooperative World Building Rules?

I try to do co-operative world building in pretty much any game I run.

As you mentioned Diaspora (as most FATE games) has some rules for conducting this, and I've found them very successful in creating a universe the players are, and want to be, a part of.

I've done it more freeform with Apocalypse World and Burning Wheel, with the same results - player buy-in, pre-established player-generated conflicts and PCs already 'in motion' without the need for the guiding hand of the GM.

I don't know of any 'games' which do this though. It works well enough freeform that the idea of providing anything much more than guidance (like Diaspora) would lose something. Ime, it has to be free enough for people to ditch ideas that don't catch on and explore ones which capture everyone's imagination.

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To quote me:


(Emphasis mine.)

I've edited my thread title and first post to clarify what I'm looking for, apparently my previous title misguided people to link me to generic world-building tips or resources. I thank all posters nonetheless, but again I'm looking for rules that would allow us to cooperatively build a world in one or a few game sessions, as part of a mini game.

I understand that there is more to building a rich world than spending a few hours deciding where mountains and forests exist, where orcs and dwarves live, and when did a major war or cataclysm occur. I'm just looking for this kind of game experience now, we'll see where it gets us.

Check out It focuses on creating history. Unfortunately, I only got to use it once with my group.

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