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Kickstarter Coriolis The Great Dark by Free League


Though I wish this retained the heavy Persian-aesthetic of the earlier edition, this still looks awesome.

CORIOLIS: THE GREAT DARK (Kickstarter from Free League, creators of the popular Alien RPG).

The portals are dead. Ship City is dying.

But there is still hope.

You are explorers of a dangerous world. You’ll do the work few others will. The enigmatic ruins of the Great Dark is shunned by most, but not by you. You seek them out, to delve into their shadowy depths and uncover their secrets. The Blight — the cataclysmic scourge that spreads from the ruins — makes others wary. For you it’s a beacon: where there is Blight, there are artifacts to find and mysteries to solve. Ship City is dying, but you and your fellow explorers can find a way to a better future.

So don your delver suit, step aboard a mighty Greatship and venture down the Slipstream towards the unknown. Your creed: explore or perish!

Inspired by 19th century expeditions, deep sea diving and pulp archeology. Coriolis: The Great Dark is a roleplaying game about exploration and intrigue were you’ll join dangerous expeditions, navigate the byzantine schemes of Ship City and hunt for the keys that unlock the mystery of this Lost Horizon.


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