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[Corporia] Blogging the alpha playtest

Mark Plemmons

I've recently started blogging my way through the writing process of my Corporia RPG project, sharing what I'm working on for both for my alpha playtesters and the general gaming public.

In a nutshell, Corporia is a near-future RPG with the addition of the Arthurian mythos and the return of magic to the world. Some of my playtesters have described the setting as Shadowrun 0.5, or as a more realistic re-imagining of Cyberpunk. Though that's not specifically what I was shooting for, it's nice to be compared to such giants.

My last blog post was a short draft of introductory fiction, and you can see a 'pitch' on an earlier post. Those are good to start out with, though there are plenty of other posts as well.

If this sounds like something you'd be interested in (or not), I'd love to have your feedback. There's a link on the blog page that will update you whenever I post. My current plan is to put the beta playtest up on Kickstarter in early April, if all goes well.

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