D&D 5E Could Paizo go 5e?


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As always, though, it's worth noting that WotC were never under any obligation to add anything to the SRD. It's really good that Paizo see significant value in open gaming, and I'll list that as one of their strengths, but that doesn't imply that I'll necessarily criticise WotC for coming to a different conclusion.

I'm not implying that Wizards had any obligation to Open Gaming, or criticizing them for their approach in the 3.5 era; I think it's interesting to contrast the different approaches to Open Gaming and what that might mean for a potential new version of the game.

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If people at paizo wanted to play in the 5E sandbox they would probably create a new company to do so (to protect their TMs and IP) and use as many WotC freelancers as Paizo ones.

Interesting, never would have thought of that.

If they did I would expect a dip a toe in the water approach and it would be conversions of existing material probably Rise of the Runelords or the Inner Sea Campaign guide. The ISCG would require very little conversion.

Seems like there's less reason to buy a product that requires very little conversion, when people can easily convert the PF version themselves. Thus, less reason to publish it.
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