Coyote & Grow: Stories of the Free Lands


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Coyote & Crow is a role-playing game set in a North America that never was - in which world events prevented the European exploration and colonization of the continent, leaving the indigenous people to develop on their own.

The kickstarter for this game fulfilled this year, and now they're having a follow-on project - Coyote & Crow: Stories of the Free Lands. This is a set of ten adventures for the game, by 10 Indigenous writers, paired with artists to show us the kind of stories might be told in the system. Along with it, they are giving access to physical copies of the rulebook, a custom set of Coyote & Crow dice from QWorkshop, their Story Guide screen, and a new dice game - all of which is either in the warehouse or already shipping to them, so this campaign will not need to wait the usual long time for development and production to reach fulfillment.

Also, this campaign is being run through Backerkit, not Kickstarter, staring on September 13th. You won't see Kickstarter notifications about it going forward!
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