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ZEITGEIST Crafting the Zeitgeist Solar System


Hi again everybody!
I'm almost done with the translation of the player book for my party and my girlfriend offered me to put something like this before we bind everything and I'm really excited about it! It would be a nice final touch.

I think it would be really cool to add the Zeit "solar system" into the book, but I'm still not 100% sure on how it works and since I know the planets have a pretty big role in the last chapters I want to do this right.
My idea is to draw the planets similar to the ones zoomed in the player guide, but I don't know if there is an important order or if the sun has a "central" role like in a normal solar system :unsure:

I'm thinking too much about it or there would be a cool/more correct way to design it?
A big thank you in advance!
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The axis seal is set up like a solar system. Maybe you can start there?

axis seal.png

That's a super useful starting point, thank you! I totally missed this map.

The analogue goes like this.

1. Jiese, Mercury

2. Avilona, Venus

3. The main planet (which wasn't named in the original adventure path, but in the upcoming setting book it's either referred to as the Waking or Amsywr, but those who don’t speak Primordial have trouble pronouncing that), Earth

3a. Av, The Moon

4. Mavisha, Mars

5. Urim, the asteroid belt

6. Apet, Jupiter

6a. Reida, the ring around Jupiter

7. Nem, Pluto

No Saturn, Uranus, or Neptune, though.


Thank you, I did't know there was an inspiration to our planets. I'm happy I'm not missing anything super complicated, we can just craft an "ordinary" solar system then.

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