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CRAWLSPACES & CRITTERS Gummy miniatures for gaming!


I crit!

from the company

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Gummy Minis for Table Top Games​

We have tested our Gummy Minis with friends and strangers at game stores. The instant joy and excitement when people see the Gummy Minis is amazing. Their faces light up like a child seeing their first magic trick. They then start to see the possibilities it affords. They tell us...​

  • It provides a more visceral & instinctive connection to the game​

  • About how they would use it to enhance role play​

  • A path to entice new people to our community​

  • Avenues to expand and enrich older enemies and monsters​

  • Used for One-Shots​

  • As a gift to other players & DMs​

  • Another incentive to kill steal​

This is when we ask them which games they play. Again, they smile because they see how it can fit into so many different games and not just the major RPG everyone talks about these days.​


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I crit!
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three small gummys.jpeg
Gummys on a stick.jpeg
Gummy Skelly.png


Took a minute to find the kickstarted from the site. It is a good story and tied to Children's Miracle Network by the looks of it. I can see some tables having problems with everyone touching them before you get to eat it.

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