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Kickstarter Creature Stats & Encounter Cards Kickstarter (+stock art, coloring books, cardstock minis) ends Sat Feb 2 11:30pm US eastern



Project Link: http://kck.st/11Bv0Hh
The above art (by Eric Quigley) is a free letter-size print for anyone backing for 5+ physical card decks. (Great for a binder cover.)

We've also just added 2 Monster Coloring Book PDFs using the line art from the project, just because it was a fun idea. Free to backers who pick up 7+ physical decks or $3 each added to any other pledge.

Here's an overview:
  • There are 5 different creature card decks of 54 cards each (plus a cover and license card.) Each creature deck focuses on a few creature types.
  • Each of the 5 creature card decks will be done with stats on the backs for 5 different systems: Pathfinder, Labyrinth Lord (1E Fantasy), Dungeon World, Fate, and there will be a set of the 5 creature decks with Ecology/System Neutral information. Plus there will also be a deck with blank backs.
  • We also have 2 Encounter Decks which help make more interesting, dynamic random encounters. Think of them as Mad Libs meed the book of Lairs.
  • We’re also offering our ENnie-nominated DungeonMorph cards and Monster Stand-Ins pre-printed cardstock minis as additional rewards.
  • The Creature and Encounter cards have PDFs available. You can pledge for them by themselves or get them free if you get the physical decks. The Monster Stand-Ins also have a PDF, but due to the discount on the physical stand-ins and the large number of creatures in the file, they PDF is not included free with the physical product. (The physical stand-ins have 600 minis of 250+ creatures. The PDF will have 350 or perhaps 400+ creatures and you can print as many as you want.)
  • There are 2 coloring book PDFs using the project’s line art.
  • Most of the art is available as stock art for other publishers. See the Stock Art section near the bottom of the Kickstarter page linked above.
  • We have a pledge helper web page that helps you pick a pledge amount and reward based on the items you would like.

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