Adventurer is the new site that offers a Pathfinder monster every weekday for subscribers. I went ahead and splurged on the quarterly subscription and went over to take a look.

And they've got about 80 days to get their act together for me. The thing that slaps me across the face is the lack of editing. Does no one there know how to properly use an apostrophe? I think I can honestly say it was missing or misused more than it was correctly used. There's occasionally inappropriate spaces around punctuation, comma splices and the occasional typo, most of which I could ignore if they figured out how to use the apostrophe.* HoarFrost was spelled like that in a couple monsters' names, despite apparently being the plain old English world hoarfrost.

(There's a Comments Closed note on every creature. I don't think they're ever opening comments; they're just happen to be using a fairly stock WordPress, and that's the way it comes out.)

I've said enough for some people, who are already convinced that they wouldn't be happy. But I get the feeling that some of you don't find that sufficient justification; you may even think I'm being superficial. After looking past that, what's left is more complex.

So far, most of the monsters have been pretty rote, of the form descriptor pre-existing monster. Stuff like winter/ice/storm/stone/great/rat/hoarfrost crossed with stuff like angel/phoenix/wight/goblin/ogre. There's a boglin, and a couple other things. It's not like others haven't fallen back on these crutches, but then again, it's not like others haven't already fallen back on these crutches.

There are a couple of these I will use in my upcoming Ptolus campaign; the boglin and the rat ogre will fit right in. The fact that they're separate from any game world and from any planar cosmology seems to hurt. I could nitpick some more, but really, if they clean up their editing, there's some potential here. There's some interesting ideas here, and some decent artwork.

* Try "If the settlement is weak enough , the creature will terrorize it, making it well known the population the grisly details of the numerous murder of those which it has recently killed, and will make an offer the people who dwell there.", from "HoarFrost Hound", for an extreme example.
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You are entirely right about the editing issues, and it's something that we've resolved now that the official launch has started (April's creatures were part of a soft launch).

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