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I'm a severely disabled RPer, Storyteller, comic book creator and TV writer that's been running games and telling stories since 1982. I was born with arthrogryposis, have little use of my arms and legs, am in a power wheelchair, and write and draw with my mouth. I started DMing at 6 (I could read at a high school level) for my older brother and have been running games ever since. I've run LARPs for over 80 players at once at conventions, have run online games for 100+ players, and had a comic book series published by Image. I currently have a TV show in development with WarnerMedia.

I want to start a TTRPG show like Critical Role, based out of Las Vegas, featuring disabled and/or neurodivergent players as we are a big part of gaming but rarely seen or featured. Part of this is simply a matter of cost, as many disabled people in the US are very low-income. We can't afford all the equipment and tech needed to get an ongoing game up and running. Things like Patreon are great for sustaining something after it's going, but we need the initial crowdfunding to get running. I've spoken with a number of people in the online TTRPG community and know what I can expect, and what I'm getting into.

I've set a very low, modest goal, and you can see what it will go towards at the link below.


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