Critical Role Critical Role show kickstarter update: Backers have to get Amazon prime to get the show


Dusty Dragon
Well that is... kinda cruddy isn't it? So I (who didn't back but do have prime) can get the show for free, but someone who backed the project but doesn't have amazon prime has to pay...

This is not as bad as kickstarters that fail and all the money is lost and no product is made but... I don't think this is right.


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Golden Procrastinator
I'm in the same position as you (I didn't back the KS and I have Amazon Prime), so for me it looks advantageous, but I agree that it doesn't feel right, unless an outcome like this was clear during the KS (I haven't followed the campaign).


I can see how it's cruddy, but this could be a "damned if you do, damned if you don't" type deal. There's no way Amazon would let all that potential Prime money off for free like that. Especially with how large the Crit Roll fanbase is. If there was a way for Mercer and co to let backers skirt that aspect, they probably would have. But Amazon is Amazon and it wants its' money.


I crit!
I think the time to be upset about Amazon was when they got involved. However I would have also thought the time to make the distribution aspects clear should have been back then too.

Disappointing all around.


Ya I will agree that the whole "By the way about that Amazon Prime subscription........." should have been made clear if it wasn't beforehand.

But nobody is without sin and neither is Crit Roll. Even they make mistakes/mess up.

It does not seem right at all that (eg) I with my amazon prime can watch something someone else Kickstarted, when they can't!

I'm family linked to my parents' Prime account, so I'll be able to watch this with no money out of my pocket, but a lot of the people that actually backed it won't. o_O


A Title Much Cooler Than Anything on the Old Site
The Kickstarter rewards never included downloads or DVDs of the show. The Kickstarter was originally help them produce basically a pilot episode and was successful enough to fund a series. Then it got picked up by Amazon. All of the rewards were things like ringtones, plushies, and things like that.

Those that do not have Amazon subscriptions can sign up for free 30 days access via a link provided to backers, so all backer will be able to see it for free. Sure, you won't possess your own copy but that was never promised.

No rugs were pulled out from anyone.

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