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Critique my Character, Please. M&M3, Level 8, Utility Magician.


Wang Chung ~:mnm:~
setting is 1939, eve of WW2, San Francisco.
Post-Pulp, Superheroes Emergent.

Sheet is here.

Character has 2 innate powers, Danger Sense, Ghost Sense.
and is working on developing more psy stuff.
All his other powers derive from chinese alchemy and sorcery.
Idea is an homage to Egg-Chen, from Big Trouble Little China.
He can make little grenades, flash-bangs,
paralysis ointment, STR boost (others),
Intimidation boost (self), has enhanced leather armor,
can teleport (self, with poofy smoke side effects)
Wang carries a gun, sword, deflection fan, and drives
a big ugly yellow truck, out which he sells won-tons
on one side, and chinese medicine and cures on the other.
He isn't liked by many people, tends to attract attention from
other supernatural things, and won't use technology such as
phones, computers, radar, or mad science. (the exception
of the truck is a necessary evil since Frisco is such a huge village)
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