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PF1E Crowns of Ice - A Tale of Blood and Betrayal - III


I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
After the conversation that shows there is still some hope for Einar, Arvid prepares for the voyage. He speaks with the skipper and gets to know all members of the crew, by the looks if not by names. Arvid is, however, well known in his home town and he is treated well.

One Muri sailor, new to Viuland, tried to make fun of him, first imitating his limp then trying to push him over. And he got rewarded by a expert hit from Arvids heavy cane which nearly broke his leg and laid him low on the deck. Doing his duties over the next several hours with pronounced limp, he (the sailor) concluded that the fact that he moves slower doesn't make him weaker. And that things are not always as they appear.

Less than a day after news about kidnapping reached them, Arvid was sailing with a chest of gold to meet Jarl Alec.
[MENTION=6855204]tglassy[/MENTION], Alec?

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