Curse of Strahd Redux - High Level SPOILERS - I guess


In my campaign, the characters imprisoned Strahds essence in an effigy, similar to DCA. However, as the party left Barovia with the effigy, one of the characters claimed it and tapped Strahds power and banished the rest of the party from the plane. Presumably, yet still, undefined (hence changable) Strahd escaped with the party into the Forgotten Realms.

My plan was to run various FR adventures and have hints of Strahd pop up, before a final showdown with the vampire in Baldurs Gate.

However, real life, read: Work, overcame that plan and we havent played in 3 months.

As I'm thinking about getting going again though I have a thought: what if the characters, now all 10th level, are summoned into Barovia once more and the scenario kinda of resets itself. Id have to enhance all the encounters to challenge higher level characters.

Has any one run COS at 10+ level?



Strahd is meant to be faced at 9th level. If the PCs are higher than that, it is going to partially trivialize the final confrontation, especially if they are 11th level or higher.