DDAL Curse of Strahd vs. DDAL adventures


Blistering Barnacles!
Death House is out, and if I understand clearly Suits of the Mist will be out on Dmsguild on Tuesday. The next 4 will be available April 1 on dmguild?

Meanwhile Curse of Strahd is out March 15 - you see where I'm going with this?

So there will be six adventures by April 1 with CoS on top of that?

If they are different beasts, which one do you plan on doing and why? Maybe I'm missing something . . ?

The D&D Adventurers League has revealed the details of the Curse of Strahd season of adventures beginning this month. Each is based on one of the Tarokka cards, with titles like "The Beast", "The Raven", and so on. The season starts with Suits of the Mists on Sunday, 7th February, and will be available on the Dungeon Master's Guild website on March 1st (each adventure becomes widely available for sale the first day of the month after they launch).

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As someone who organizes AL play for my FLGS, this is a situation that came up as soon as the CoS DDAL release schedule was posted. What I've decided to do for my table running DDAL mods is to delay running them until mid-April. That way, I'll be able to run through at least the first six adventures without any delay between them. I'm also delaying my hardcover table making the switch to CoS until they finish Ch 7 of OotA, which should be happening around the same time.

Other factors also came into play when deciding to delay the switch to Season 4 materials. I'm losing a regular player from each of my tables, so I don't want to get their characters stuck in Ravenloft. I'd rather keep leveling their current characters as high as possible before each of them move.

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