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WOIN Custom Career


Hi all, so two of my players have conspired against me, and have decided to go full mounted warrior. I'm on board of course, but I'm stymied at what careers to suggest, or perhaps how to write one from scratch.

They're looking to build a horse archer in the style of the Mongol steppe warrior and a heavy cavalry striker à la Winged Hussar. I don't quite feel like I can stretch Knight enough to cover these.

Any suggestions? Stuff I missed in the book?

Edit: We're playing O.L.D. with just the core book so far
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Not sure what the framework of this question is... are you asking about how to build a thematic archetype in a particular game system? If so, it might help to know which game system you're discussing.

In D&D 5th Edition, for example, the Mounted Combatant feat can apply to nearly any class, and a Battlemaster Fighter can select maneuvers to specialize in specific combat techniques (such as mounted archer or heavy cavalry).


Okay! I'll take another look for it. Thanks, Morrus!

P.S. Have I mentioned how awesome it is that you just answer questions personally? It's super cool to hear from The Maker!


Just a tourist passing your way...
That's one of the great points about WOIN - Morrus answers if you ask him and it doesn't feel like speaking with someone who wants to sell something 👍

How did you do with your riding archer career? I'd be interested in reading it ☺


I'm still fiddling with it. My horse archer player changed their mind to go with a couple grades of Knight and a couple in Archer. Less Mongol and more like a Samurai. I'll post what I've got in a couple days when I get some downtime.

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