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Patreon Custom Dice for DND classes and more...


Hello everyone.
My name is Xhani and I am the creator at Atomic Dice. I am a graphic designer and i love dice and DND.
I want to share my Patreon link where I have currently posted 35 Dice set files (digital stl files) that you can 3d print and produce dice from them if you want to.
Here are the collections currently available which can all be yours at the 1$ tier..
Dnd Classes - 13 sets
Zodiac signs - 12 sets
Christmass and New year Theme - -10 Sets

I dont plan to stop only on dice designing but I will also design dice cups, terrains, buildings and also maps if i manage to reach my goals so I can totally focus on the Patreon.
Your support in these hard times matters a lot.

I have also posted a free download on my Patreon so you can check the quality of my work. ( Fighter DND dice set and Fighter dice cup)
Here is the link:
Atomic Dice is creating Polyhedral Dice stl files. | Patreon

On my Patreon you can also find a public poll that will decide what will be posted on January as the January collection and the current votes are heading toward spells.


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