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Chris Gunter

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I found a tech design that would be incredible for myself. Need a lead on a place where they can be made. I'm looking for high quality detail.

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aramis erak

I found some binary dice, but they use Morse Code instead of 0's and 1's.

Morse is actually a 3-state system... none, dot, dash. silences are significant. Dot is 1 beat, dash 3 beats. space between dots/dashes in character is 1 beat, between letters is 3 beats, and between words is 7 beats...


Yes, but the designer of the dice either didn't know that or intentionally left out blank. As far as I can tell dots represent 1's and dashes 0's. Beyond which, blank spaces on a die face would likely confuse many people.


No, but I have learned that you have a hard time keeping track of context. I'm beginning to wonder if you're going for sounding like you can't pay attention on purpose.

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