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Custom Treasure Card maker using Magic Set Editor (MSE)


I have just uploaded Custom Treasure Card maker using Magic Set Editor (MSE) to the downloads area.

[DND][/DND] [PF][/PF] I've created a treasure card maker using the Magic Set Editor. While the Gamemastery Item Cards are great, they lacked the customization and variety I needed for my campaign. I've discovered that players REALLY like getting some sort of token that represented the treasure they found in the game. It was also helpful if the token also included the rules of the treasure. I also found that the players tended to forget some magic items that just sat in their inventory unless they had some physical reminder that they had the item. I also use these card to represent the currency in the game -- creating cards to 1,5, 10, 50, 100, and 1000 coin denominations.

This set is very customizable. There is an image slot for the treasure. And text fields include Name of the treasure, Description of the treasure, and Sourcebook for the treasure (in those cases that the description in rules were simply too long to provide in the space).

The card background is defaulted to a "Natural Parchment" background, and the theme is Dragons and Swords. The Dragon icon set atop the card, and the Sword icons act as borders, but are optional. A Dragon icon is also optional on the bottom of the card facing the top Dragon.

There are several ways in which you can represent rarity and category of the treasure. You can change the background style (with some styles coming in a variety of colors), the Dragon colors, and sword colors (including having different colors for each Dragon and Sword).

My set uses the default "natural parchment", the Dragons represent the type of treasure (for example: White is the Wondrous Items), and the swords represent the rarity (for example: the glowing gold sword is for Legendary Items).

You will need the DnDvecnaSC font for the style. I've provided some examples of the possible cards below. The use MSE, you will need the two zip files.

You can find the file here in the downloads section. Please use this thread for comments.

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