D&D (2024) Customizing your starting class proficiencies:


Every class gives certain number skill, tool, language, armor and weapon proficiencies.

But, sometimes your vision of a character does not follow the proficiency that you class was granted.

Maybe you are lizardfolk fighter, why and how are you going to get heavy armor proficiency in your tribe?

Yes, most will say; play barbarian or a ranger or something, but you really like to play a fighter.

So, I want to pool all starting proficiencies into single pool and put the value on them.

Skills, expertise, one armor category, cantrips, weak saves(str, int, cha), any combination of 3 tools, languages and/or martial weapons are all worth 1 point.

Proficiency with all martial weapons and strong saves(dex, con, wis) is worth 2 points.

Unarmored defense is worth... I guess one point...or less. let's say 1 point.

then take fighter:
2 skills: 2 points
0 cantrips
0 expertise
heavy armor: 3 points
martial weapons: 2 pts
con save: 2 pts
str save: 1 pt

total: 10 points
how to make it more customizable?

skills; every one should have at least one class skill, so skill pools go from 1-4. If you want some kind of skill monkey.
armor: fighter should know basics of armor, so armor is on 1-3 scale
unarmed defense: maybe an option, but really not for fighter
expertise: everyone should have a chance to be an expert so fighter may choose one expertise if needed 0-1
cantrips: zero, but fighter might be trained in some more magical setting so one cantrip could be plausible
saves: usually should be str+con, but "boot camp" might be different. maybe it's underdark and mindflayers are popular there so maybe wis+cha could be more common in training.
tools: might come in handy, at least 3

in short:
skills: 1-4
armor: 1-3
cantrips: 0-1
expertise: 0-1
martial weapons: 2(this should be default)
tools/languages: 0-1, 3 tools and/or weapons could go far for roleplay
strong save(dex, con, wis): 0-2, only one of those
weak save(str,int,cha): 0-2, one per save, rare saves so taking two if wanted should not break anything.

4 skills: 4pts
thief tools, thieves cant, 4 weapons: 2 pts
2 expertise: 2 pts
light armor: 1 pt
dex save: 2 pts
int save: 1 pt
total: 12pts

more than fighter, but d8 HD so more pts sounds good.

customization options:
skills: 3-6, rogues should stay prime skill monkeys, so 3 skills are minimum. 6 if you want to minimize your combat potential.
armor: 0-2, some brutes might want more armor
unarmored defense: 0-1, 10+dex+int might be good for rogue
cantrips: 0-2, start as a arcane trickster if you want
expertise: 1-3, one should be minimum, 3 could be expert description. Simple weapons only but more expertise/skills.
tools(0-9): 0-3 having more tools/languages and/or some weapons of choice is always good for a rogue
strong save(dex, con, wis): 0-2, only one of those
weak save(str,int,cha): 0-2, one per save, rare saves so taking two if wanted should not break anything. Same as fighter.

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During D&D 3.x True20 (Green Ronin) had a similar class building system. It might be prone to strange min/maxing.

As for your example of a lizardman fighter. Heavy armour proficiency is a potential, not something you exploit at first level. So while your lizard fighter might not possess a heavy armour for quite some time, he/she has the ability to use it without problem.

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