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If you’re struggling to craft your characters or develop a cyberpunk-style game and you have a shelf filled with numerous characters scattered across different sheets of paper on your shelf, this workbook is going to be your new best friend.

  • Yes, this workbook will help you organize your creative process. But it will also help you develop the logic and balance of the game or bring out an expansion for an existing game.

Plan a character’s health, strength, damage, and agility, estimate weapon damage, or calculate the cost of weapons and their damage — because the more you know about all the details of your character and its components, the more unique the character will be. It will also fit harmoniously into the game you want to create.

The workbook already contains examples of weapons, implants, armor, character classes, and skills that you can use for your characters and your game, modify them, and make notes with your ideas.

The workbook contains sheets for notes on the locations used in the game. Invent your own locations for a new game or additional locations for an existing cyberpunk game.
Locations are crucial to the setting, atmosphere, and narrative.
  • Design 6 Locations (2 example locations included


Invent events and key moments that will drive the game’s narrative, shape the world, and influence the characters’ stories.

  • Design 9 Events


Use existing character classes or create your own. In addition to the class name, write a brief history of how the class originated and note the strengths and weaknesses of the class.

  • Design 5 Classes (7 example classes included)


Develop your unique characters from prepared materials or based on your creative ideas. Numerous parameters will stimulate your creative process. In the Characters section, you will find the outlines of the future character, on which you can make notes or sketch implants or armor as you imagine them.

  • 160 Weapons
  • 47 Implants
  • 20 Armors

What will the workbook be like?​

This book will be in A4 format (8.5’ x 11’ /205 x 290 cm) in a stylish black and white interior, printed on quality white paper (70/80 gr), 122 pages. The paperback cover will be in beautiful full color, printed on quality paper (coated 200 gr). The workbook weighs about 12.4 oz / 350 grams.


The workbook is complete and almost fully edited. External proofreading will be carried out during this campaign. During the campaign, we will finalize the files and send them to the printing house in the Polish capital Warsaw. We plan to receive the printed versions as early as January 2024. After that, our team will immediately start sending packages to all baсkers around the world.

The workbook will be packed in a secure cardboard envelope.


Sergiusz Junczyc currently resides in Poznan, Poland. At some point, he developed a penchant for creating microboard games and challenges based on various principles of data encryption.

So far, he has published and distributed games such as Micro Mars, Micro Mars PvP, The Kraken, and Micro Journey worldwide. He has also published a series of Cyber Hack zines. A4 Play represents his endeavor to come up with microgames for the home and addictive zines with different challenges. Our goal is to provide every player with an immersive gaming experience at an affordable price.
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