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Spells! Magical Items! Monsters!​

Below I present resources to make your Cypher System fantasy genre games more robust and complete. Not only can you create your own fantasy adventures, but with these Compendiums, almost all D&D 5th edition (and some 3rd or even older editions) adventures and modules are compatable for play with a minimum of conversion or hassle, focusing on narrative and story without working on tedious stat blocks or conversions of spells.
These were originally made for my personal players, but they and a few Reddit members insisted I put them here. These books have information, not tons of art and fluff text so I can offer them for next to nothing. Enjoy!

Spell Compendium includes:​

  • All D&D 5E OGL spells (and a few from 3E), converted and playtested for use in any Cypher System fantasy game, with limits via assets on stacking and power levels - no bonus actions/reactions/concentration/multiple instances of spells
  • Detailed spellcasting rules to convert your own spells, and make them balanced
  • Additional rules for spellcasting, including Potency, the Spellcraft skill, attacks of opportunity, defensive casting, and mid-spell concentration
  • 50+ spellcasting foci that emulate bloodlines, otherworldly patrons, druidic circles, schools of magic, & divine domains
  • Spell lists that can be used as flavors for current character types - druids, mages, magus, priests, paladins, rangers, and bards
  • A revised Adept class that uses limited spell slots and familiar powers to enhance their spells or craft magical items

Magical Item Compendium includes:​

  • Many 5E magical items converted and playtested for use in any Cypher Fantasy game - both cyphers (potions, scrolls, wands) and artifacts (armors, weapons, rods, staves, wondrous items, etc)
  • Robust rules for determining magical item levels and values, including lists of powers for DMs and PC crafters alike

Creature Compendium includes:​

  • Complete rules for converting any 5E creature or NPC into Cypher System, including level, Armor, attacks, damage, abilities, resistances, conditions, and more
  • Over 50 creatures and NPC, including almost all of the creatures from 5E modules LMoP / Starter Set

Under Development:​

  • All Compendiums here will expand over time, with updates available for free.
  • Creature Compendium is being worked on and will triple in size as my current campaigns I run continue on, and next include all GoS and CoS creatures as well as more of the MM
  • All current versions are v0.92, as I am still doing final passes on typos and grammar as well as spell schools, defense types, etc.
  • My personal fantasy gameworld for Cypher, 5E, and a personal ruleset

About Me:​

I am a grognard who started playing D&D just after the White Box in the early 80s and then transitioned to AD&D. I have always been the Forever DM and have DMed, created adventures, and created gameworlds for D&D 1E, 2E, 3E, Pathfinder, D&D 5E, Vampire, Mutants and Masterminds, Blades in the Dark, and Rifts, running hundreds of adventures with some of my players still around from the 80s. Cypher System is my current favorite after having too many house rules for D&D.

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