D&D General D&D 5E’s Top-Selling Adventures and What It Means for the Hobby

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Marc Radle

Pretty fascinating analysis over on Alphastream about D&D adventures

An interesting side observation ... two of the top 5 best-selling WotC adventure books were collaborations with Kobold Press or Kobold Press's designers (Hoard of the Dragon Queen and Saltmarsh).

If you're a fan of either of these adventures, be sure to check out some of Kobold Press's other adventures!

If you like Saltmarsh, check out Scarlet Citadel (written by one of the Saltmarsh designers), or check out City of Cats or Tales of the Old Margreve, both are similar, self-contained books with a city/small setting, accompanying adventures, and everything you need to run those adventures all in one book. If you like Hoard of the Dragon Queen or want a longer campaign, check out Empire of the Ghouls, a level 1-13 adventure that takes the heroes across the world, chasing ghoulish enemies who want to bring darkness and death to the living.

If you're intrigued by Kobold Press's adventures but don't want to dive in completely, check out the Kobold Press adventure search tool (Search Kobold Adventures) to find the perfect short-form (one to three sessions) adventure for your game, many of which can be purchased as $3.99 PDFs or in short adventure anthology books similar to the Yawning Portal.

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I could use a poll for which Kobold Press campaign is the best rated by site users. I have not run one of the longer ones from them.


I crit!
Definitely cool. I personally love that adventure and have great memories because of it.

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