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D&D Adventurers League Moves and Welcomes International Premier Organizer

The D&D Adventurers League (AL) is ushering in changes aimed at enhancing the player and DM experience within its organized play program.

The Dungeons & Dragons Adventurers League (AL) is ushering in changes aimed at enhancing the player and Dungeon Master experience within its organized play program. Central to these updates is the transition of AL content and resources to DnDBeyond.com (DDB), a move designed to streamline access to guides, news, and updates. This shift away from The Yawning Portal website and the AL Discord focuses on DDB as the main hub and primary sources of AL documents.

DnDAL DnDBeyond.jpg

Centralization on D&D Beyond​

All AL news, updates, and articles are now housed on DDB, including a foundational “What is Adventurers League?” piece accessible under the Adventurers League Tag on DDB. This consolidation effort aims to simplify the search for information, ensuring that players and DMs have direct access to the latest AL content in one unified easy to find location.

The What is Adventurers League blog details what the AL is, how it works, how to participate, how to find an AL group, and gives links to resource documents.

In addition, select content previously featured on The Yawning Portal will transition to DDB, though specific timelines for this migration have not been disclosed. Updated and consolidated v14 Dungeon Master and Player guides are now available on DDB, with an organizers guide to follow shortly.

Adventurers League discussions still have a place in the AL portion of the D&D Discord (the best place to ask the admins questions) as well as the D&D Adventurers League forums on D&D Beyond and here on ENWorld’s forum with the DDAL tag.

Welcoming the Greasy Snitches as Premier Organizer​

In a separate development, the AL has introduced its first international Premier Organizer, the Greasy Snitches. Based in the Philippines and led by Paul Gabat, the Greasy Snitches have been instrumental in cultivating a vibrant D&D community through various initiatives since 2016. Their efforts range from organizing charity events and How-to-Play D&D seminars to participating in panels, workshops, and both private and live-streamed games.

As a Premier Organizer, the Greasy Snitches join the ranks of US-based organizers like Baldman Games and Gamehole Con. Working closely with AL admin Greg Marks, they will create and premiere adventures set in the Forgotten Realms, which will later be accessible on DMs Guild. This partnership also allows them to offer certificate items at their events and, as they grow, secure an exclusive area within the Forgotten Realms for setting their adventures, alongside product support and the opportunity to host special events.

How to Become a Premier Organizer​

The AL is currently inviting inquiries from international groups interested in becoming Premier Organizers. Eligible organizations should have a track record of organizing multiple gaming events or conventions annually and include members who have published D&D fifth edition adventures on DMs Guild. Additionally, they should be incorporated as an LLC or its equivalent in their respective countries. Although no contact information the admins can be reached in the AL section of the D&D Discord.


These developments represent a leap forward for the D&D Adventurers League, focusing on enhancing the accessibility and organization of AL content via DDB and expanding its global community through partnerships with groups like the Greasy Snitches. By centralizing resources and welcoming new talent into its Premier Organizer program, the AL aims to enrich the D&D organized play experience for participants worldwide.

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Tell me you believe in conspiracy theories without telling me you believe in conspiracy theories. ;)

AL is the gateway into D&D overall. Once people are playing, yes, there are plenty of ways to spend money. But putting AL material behind a paywall? When it's primarily set up to attract new people? Nah. They're just consolidating systems into one place, something companies do all the time after purchasing other products.
It is not when they come true, just wait.


It is not when they come true, just wait.

There's been a lot of doom-saying since 5E was released. I'm still waiting. WOTC has plenty of ways to separate people from their money. I wouldn't be surprised if, for example, when the VTT is released that there's an option to get cool virtual custom designed minis. But AL is just a branch of advertising and outreach, public play has never been about making a profit directly.


One thing that would be wonderful for WotC to add to character creation is a toggle for "Adventurer's League" that only enabled the creation of an AL character.
That would be kind of handy for any campaign. I discuss options during session 0 and do a quick double check of my player's PCs but it would be easier if I could just set things up at the campaign level.


The thing I have the most difficulty with regarding AL stuff is the adventure modules. Which ones are meant to be part of the same storyline? Sometimes it's easy to tell, but there are times when the naming and numbering conventions don't make sense.

I've been able to find lists of AL content. And, of course, there is a ton of stuff on DMsGuild. It's just not organized very well.

Paragon Lost

Terminally Lost
Got warnings trying to go Greasy Snitches website from the link in the article above from Malwarebytes. The Baldmangames site in the link.

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