WotC D&D Beyond Update: 2024 Core Rulebooks, Maps, and Third Party Content.

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Maps has a number of updates.
  • Lots of feature improvements to maps--tokens, fog, and user interface.
  • 'Spectator Mode' allows DMs to open a separate tab as a player view on a separate monitor, streaming, etc.
  • 'Draw Tool' allows you to freehand draw on the map.
  • 6 products from back catalogue plus third party content added to library.
  • Pointer added.
  • You can now rename a token.
  • Enhancement and support will include the 2024 core rulebooks.
Maps is 'here to stay' and will continue to be supported.

Regarding third party products, apparently they are inviting 'many third parties to the party'.

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Here's the blackbox AI summary.

  • he video is a development update for D&D Beyond.
  • The team has been focusing on maps and has made several improvements, including:
    • Feature enhancements for tokens.
    • Improved system performance.
    • User experience improvements.
    • Added visibility of players in a game session.
    • Implemented a draw tool for freehand drawing on maps.
    • Introduced a spectator view, allowing DMs to share their game view with players.
  • The draw tool allows users to:
    • Change color using the same color scheme as color rings.
    • Click, drag, and freehand draw on maps.
  • Spectator view allows DMs to:
    • Open the game in a separate tab as a player view.


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I'm not sure I understand the drawing demos....do DMs draw big circles and arrows and stuff on their maps? Also, is there an erase? I mean, I figured draw was to actually draw rooms and stuff.......edit: Yup, there is an erase.

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