Release D&D Classics: I2 Tomb of the Lizard King (1E) (FG VTT)


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D&D Classics: I2 Tomb of the Lizard King (1E)
Wizards of the Coast

The Southlands of Eor is being despoiled. Merchants will no longer run their caravans on the main highway past the quiet village of Waycombe. The peasants are fleeing their lands, and all are demanding protection from the powerful Count of Eor. The goodly count has sent a troop of his trusted fighters to exterminate the brigands believed responsible for these outrages, but weeks have passed, and still, there is no word from this force. Now John Brunis, Count of Eor, has turned to you for aid. After taking counsel with the High Priest of Eor, he believes that a small party of cunning, bold adventurers may succeed where armed might has failed. You find yourselves faced with many mysteries! Why has robbery suddenly erupted in the peaceful Southlands? How could mere brigands be as powerful as the foes described to you by their numerous victims? Is this really mere robbery? Or is there some truth to the rumors, told only in hushed whispers, about the beginnings of a hideous plot being hatched by an ancient, vile, and evil foe of all mankind?
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Awesome with these "old" releases. Love it.
How about some 3.5? You getting a license for that: possible or a pipe dream?

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