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D&D Classics - I13 Adventure Pack I (1E)
Wizards of the Coast

DMs, do you wish you had more time to put together fresh, innovative adventures for your players? Have you ever been stuck for a new plotline, but been unwilling to delve into the reading and preparation required by full-length modules? Here is an AD&D game accessory designed for the DM who wants variety and challenge for player characters. Adventure Pack I contains 11 short modules, each a complete stand-alone adventure. The scenarios are unique and unusual; they will intrigue characters of all levels and offer a variety of settings and plots for the DM to choose from. These adventures are suitable for one-time play or can be inserted into your campaign at any time. Each module includes one or more maps, a background for the DM, NPC capsules, and complete encounter descriptions. The scenarios are designed for a specific range of player character levels, and can easily be made more or less difficult if necessary. Now, with a minimum of preparation, you can give your player characters a challenge that will last for as little as one day of game time or months of it. DMs are sure to find Adventure Pack I convenient, innovative, and invaluable!
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