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Hello, folks! I'm Steve of Lunch Break Heroes. I create video content focusing on useful changes you can make to published Dungeons & Dragons campaigns, as well as a few other tips and tricks here and there. I see myself as a storytelling DM, and I try to bring that aesthetic to each of the changes that I recommend to campaigns. How do these changes enhance the story, or tie disparate elements into the narrative? That sort of thing.

I hope you enjoy the videos, and find their content useful!

Here is a selection of some of my more recent videos:

Creative Ways for Players to Spend Gold
There is a lot of ways to give player's gold and treasure in D&D 5e, but the rule books don't suggest many ways for them to spend it. In the latest video, I've come up with a few ways for your players to spend their money and feel good while doing it!

Make Wyvern Tor Interesting
This is the latest in my campaign guide for Lost Mine of Phandelver. I never really liked Wyvern Tor as an encounter, because it felt so disconnected from the overall narrative. By turning it into a rescue mission, and linking the orcs to Thundertree, I created something that's much more closely related to the overarching story.

Tarokka Deck Adventure Hook
I didn't care for the adventure hooks that came with Curse of Strahd, and I didn't like how little the Tarokka Deck was used. So, I heavily borrowed from Reddit users MandyMod and DragnaCarta, and came up with an adventure hook filled with dreams and destiny.

How to Run a Skill Challenge in DnD 5e
Skill challenges are a mechanic from 4th edition, and they didn't make it over to 5th. That's unfortunate, because they're a great way to make a situation much more dynamic and dramatic, beyond a single die roll. This video uses an example of how to run a skill challenge that spoils an early part of Curse of Strahd.
It's okay to steal for your story

Telling an entirely original story is nearly impossible, if not completely impossible. All of the stories that you know and love owe a debt to the stories that came before them. Their creators stand on the shoulders of giants, having learned what works and what doesn't--and that's what you need to do when creating your own adventure story.

The Dark Powers vs. The Vestiges: What's the difference?

In Curse of Strahd, the Dark Powers are often conflated with the Vestiges of the Amber Temple. This is due to an inconsistency in the written material. I'm here to help you sort out the differences between the two with this video!

How to Run Venomfang

In Lost Mine of Phandelver for D&D 5e, Venomfang (a Young Green Dragon) stands as the centerpiece to the entire module. Here's a guide on how to make the most out of his encounter!