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Over in another thread, @LuisCarlos17f mentions the idea of WotC going into the Japanese market and maybe there being a D&D manga coming out of that foray.

For all you otaku here on ENWorld - what mangaka (or manhwa) artists/writers would you want to create a D&D manga?

Me, I love Haro Aso's work on Alice in Borderland - but he's a tad dark. I assume Tite Kubo (Bleach) is out of Hasbro's price range - but we can dream can't we?

Maybe Yutaka Izubuchi is still available (Record of Lodoss War illustrator)? His work is somewhat reminiscent of Miyazaki's work on Nausicaa - but that may have been the time/style in the 80's

Who's your D&D manga dream team?

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I'm biased because I've recently hired them for my next project, but I love their style and would love it if their style was in a D&D manga: Josie art.






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It's hard to pin down a single creator for an anime, as that's usually done as a studio, and you wouldn't use a whole studio for a manga (note, it's "Powerhouse Animation" credited for Castlevaina)
Then maybe the lead artist on the project.

Or any artist that does that old-school anime style (as-seen in Castlevania) in mangas, I dont really know the big names of the industry.


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I get my D&D manga fill from Dungeon Meshi. Though I certainly wouldn’t say no to Ryōko Kui getting to do an officially licensed series! Studio Trigger is set to do the anime adaptation of Dungeon Meshi, and they’d also be a great candidate for a D&D anime in my opinion.

Hasbro is (current) onwer of Pretty Cure: glitter Force. If they wanted, they could produced a crossover with Equestria Girls.

The manga studios would rather to start from zero creating their own IPs to enjoy total controll, and we can't blame them, but I hope some licence or partnership is possible.

If Hasbro wanted, they could knock the right doors.

Here the question would be if it would be set in Forgotten Realms. In Kara-Tur? Not yet if there isn't update of the isekai/xuanhua species: korokoburu, spirit folk, vanara, hengeyokai... and even they could create a new one, after a previous playtesting.

I have read something about Japaneses creating a new D&D setting (with Western culture look)

* Do you imagine a manga set in Athas/Dark Sun or any tribal-punk clone?

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I have read something about Japaneses creating a new D&D setting (with Western culture look)

* Do you imagine a manga set in Athas/Dark Sun or any tribal-punk clone?
to answer your last question, no - I'm not sure there's any reason for them to do that.

I would think they would lean into traditional D&D setting of "western" style fantasy, but with a Japanese twist - very Record of Lodoss War

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Kosuke Kurose, though I suppose he's already doing a D&D manga since he's the artist for Goblin Slayer.
Lots of fan service there - he'd be good indeed. His work also reminds me to a small extent the Fullmetal Alchemist artist: Hiromu Arakawa. Who would be GREAT for an Eberron work

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