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Links to staff articles and blog entries on Wizard's of the Coast website:
[h=1]New D&D Revealed Articles[/h]
<small><small><big><big>The following articles all deal with the new D&D game; several of the below writers were present at a "D&D Summit" where they playtested an early development version of the game under an NDA:</big></big></small></small>
[h=1]Articles on DDXP[/h]
<small><small><big><big>The following articles cover the DDXP playtests and seminars:</big></big></small></small>
  • weem has used modern art software to recreate the Caves of Chaos adventure map. The Caves of Chaos is part of the classic adventure Keep on the Borderlands used by WotC for the D&D Next playtests at DDXP.
  • Initial Impressions of the New D&D is an article at Critical Hits which - well, it does what it says on the box. Based on the playtests.
  • Running the New D&D and Playing Games is a companion article to the above piece; it also covers some of the non-D&D content at DDXP, such as Magic: The Gathering and Marvel Heroic Roleplaying.
  • DDXP 2012 Recap (This Is My Game) has some general impressions of the playtest, plus some non-D&D Next content.
  • My first look at D&D Next (D&D The Fifth Column) - "First, the prototype of D&D Next absolutely captures the feel of classic D&D. Since I started with the Moldvay Basic Set in 1980, to me the game felt very much like Basic D&D–but there were elements which I knew would resonate with someone for whom 1e was the baseline. Talking with one of my traveling companions, who had played mostly 3.x, I found that he had gravitated to parts of the new system that evoked the feel of 3rd edition."
  • DDXP 2012 Report: The First Glimpses at the New Edition of Dungeons & Dragons (Geek's Dream Girl) covers the first of the seminars.
  • New info on classes in D&D Next (Trollish Delver) covers the second of the seminars.
[h=1]Mainstream Articles on 5E Announcement[/h]
<small><small><big><big>These articles are reactions to the news - some in places you wouldn't expect to see it, which gives us the impression that WotC has really reached out to the mainstream audience:</big></big></small></small>
[h=1]Podcast Reactions[/h]
The following are podcasts reacting to the announcement:

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