D&D 5E D&D Tarot cards (not tarokka) releasing in May?


Jewel of the North
Just saw this while looking for a LoZ tarot deck.


Has it been announced somewhere? This the first time I've heard of it, a full 78 cards including all Major and Minor Arcanas mapped to game elements.

Sounds cool.

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CR 1/8
Interesting. I'd hope they preview some of the art before release. And i'd like to better understand what they mean by "pairing characters and encounters with the Major and Minor Arcana of tarot." How tightly tied to the official lore is it, I wonder?

Definitely will keep an eye on it.


Jewel of the North
Well, I preordered it.

Last week @DEFCON 1 had a superb idea on how to generate character stats from a card set and I got stuck with that idea of using the Tarokka deck to do it, as cool little ritual/fake reading.

This set will do the trick, and there's seem to be little rules to use it in game, so that's fun.

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